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Sustainability Policy

Coes Faen Lodge has been completely refurbished retaining its character but paying enormous attention to combining luxury, comfort and awareness of its environmental impact. here are some of the things we have done or are doing with that in mind:

Renewable Energy

  • Computer controlled biomass central heating integrated with solar panel water arrays.
  • Burns wood gas at 900c and auto cleans itself every night.
  • Black vacuum tube solar water heating array and storage tanks
  • Efficient log burner in Cwtch
  • Local logs or timber from our own 30 acre wodland
  • All lighting low voltage LED computer controlled
  • We have an electric charging point situated near to the stables. Guests wishing to make use of this, free of charge, should please contact a member of staff.

Local Produce

  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables grown in rich composted soil by local supplier 7 miles away
  • Local free range eggs mainly supplied by our neighbour.
  • Local Sausage and bacon
  • Local organic meat and game
  • The vast majority of our fish is caught fresh in Cardigan Bay and Barmouth Bay
  • Local forager supplies wild mushrooms in season
  • 80% spend within 25 miles. Most supermarket spend is 1mile away at Co-op on co-op card from Co-op bank
  • Bread baked on premises using Bacheldre Water Mill organic stone ground wholemeal flour


  • Rain water capture for toilet flushing
  • Chamber biological sewerage system, with normal flushing loos
  • Metered mains water
  • Low-impact disinfection using UV filtration for outside Hot Tub -- heated from biomass boiler usng heat exchanger technology

Insulation/Heat optimisation

  • All outside-facing walls insulated with 100mm insulated plasterboard
  • Extra external and internal insulation
  • Sheep’s wool insulation in all roof spaces
  • Glazed entrance hall atrium to harvest solar heat with double glazed units
  • Underfloor insulation and computer-controlled water heating system


  • Glass, paper and plastic recycled
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products used (Ecover)
  • Recycled toilet paper
  • Recycled printer paper
  • Engineering skills used to repair and recycle as needed.
  • One wheelie bin for 12 people on a 3 week emptying cycle
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Awards & Accreditations

Coes Faen Luxury Lodge is delighted to have won the following prestigious awards, highlighting the quality in our services to you.

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