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Wine at Coes Faen

Posted on October 8th, 2018

When selecting Wine for our fine dining menu, owners Richard and Sara Parry-Jones use their decades of experience wine tasting and pairing to provide a quality, eclectic collection of wine at Coes Faen Spa lodge. 

Careful research during their many visits to Italian vineyards and meeting the wine makers has helped Richard and Sara choose wines that often have an affinity with their localities’ cuisine. This brings a unique and special experience back to guests at Coes Faen, who now not only get to enjoy some of the finest known Italian wines, but are also able to discover little-known wines that have been discovered in a more unconventional way. 

In one of their many adventures to Italy, this time visiting the Tuscan coast, Richard and Sara discovered a local Antinori Vermentino after they were unable to attend their original restaurant plans, and stumbled into a local restaurant nestled away in a side-street - an unlikely location for a wine that very soon after appeared on our wine list! Another story of discovery saw Richard and Sara visiting Milan, where they visited the famously stunning Duomo and when hunger struck they ventured to a restaurant in the Victorian shopping arcade opposite. Richard chose a Barbaresco from Bruno Giacosa and was so blown away by it’s sublime qualities and how it accompanied his fresh Tagliatelle with fresh-truffle sauce, that he drove 2 hours to the maker’s vineyard to meet him and buy a few cases.


During your visit ask us about our great wine selection, whether it’s your first experience or you’re a well established lover of pairing great wine with fine food, you’ll be able to experience exactly what we’re talking about - and if Richard and Sara are around, we’re sure they would love to share some of their stories of great wines with you. You’ll be able to pair grilled white fish with a fine Sancerre, or discover pairings less known such as partnering a well-chilled Veremntino with our locally sourced shellfish dishes. If you’ve been seeking the ideal palette enhancing experience alongside your mushroom dish, Orvieto Classico creates a harmonious encounter, you won’t forget. These are just a taste of the possibilities that lie ahead.


If you’ve always pondered the world of fine wine, but are yet to experience it, have no hesitation to begin your journey with us. We believe that where there is wine, there should never be pretension and we would love to share our passion for taste with you. 

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Wine pairings to try…

Speaking with Richard, he shared some of his all-time favourite wine pairings 

Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc & grilled white fish

A well-chilled Vermentino & shellfish

Orvieto Classico & mushrooms (especially Porcini Mushrooms!)

Soave & crab

Chianti Classico & grilled lamb (and even many pasta dishes with a meat-based sauce or cheese)

Nebbiolo wines of Piemonte & Welsh Black beef

Outside of fine Italian wines Richard and Sara are also particularly fond of wine from New Zealand, especially Sauvignon from Marlborough and also a really special unoaked Chardonnay from the same region. 

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