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The story of Môr

Posted on June 19th, 2018

Richard and Sara Parry-Jones, the founders of Coes Faen Spa Lodge and Môr Restaurant, regularly venture across to Italy seeking out inspiration for Môr’s ever-evolving menu. Inspired by Italian food and wine, they have developed an incredible fine dining experience inside their luxury spa lodge that is open to residents and non-residents alike that are residing in, or visiting North Wales. 


Môr is ideally situated in southern Snowdonia at Coes Faen Lodge, with beautiful views of the Mawddach Estuary in Barmouth. 

Richard Parry-Jones, works alongside highly-skilled head chef Wayne Scarlet to execute this Tuscan inspired menu using local Welsh ingredients wherever possible. Travelling to Italy and experiencing the gorgeous flavours of local dishes, Richard describes his inspiration coming from the history they are often steeped in, the passionate care in the preparation of the dish, and the sublime local wine pairing. 

Tuscan cuisine is based on the country peasants table, where simple ingredients are magically transformed by inspired combinations and generosity in preparation, Môr does not restrict it’s menu to the region however, the restaurant also coverts the treasures of other Italian regions.


Wayne Scarlet began his journey as the Head Chef of Môr in 2018, and has been cooking professionally for over 30 years. Wayne has worked in Rosette and Michelin star restaurants all over the world, as well as impressively working as personal chef to the Italian ambassador. Richard’s illuminating description of how they work together inspires ingenuity, wonderment and, well, hunger. 

“When I met Wayne, I found him a self-effacing but confident chef, with a very wide range of experience and ability. We cooked together and I was impressed by his calm, organised approach, and his openness to ideas and let’s say, ‘tuning’ the dishes. This means we can use our collective knowledge and experience to produce cooking results which neither of us could achieve alone.” - Richard Parry-Jones


Richard candidly describes the origin of his love of food as greed. Lusting after flavour and thoroughly enjoying feeding other people, Richard admits that he originally used his love of food as an excuse to feed himself extravagantly, but over time, he realised that taking the extra trouble to feed others with fantastic food, especially his family, is a very rewarding way of expressing love and affection. 

Ingredients are sourced from people known to Richard & Sara, who are local, and who share their values about food and animal welfare. Quality and taste are paramount, and when they are unable to source ingredients locally, they consider the bigger picture and ensure that they source as much organic and free range produce as possible, and try to avoid using any animal products that are the result of intensive farming techniques. 

Local produce heavily influences the menu, seasonally ingredients such as locally foraged Chanterelles for Bruchetta, locally caught lobster for their famous Lobster Linguine and of course, the speciality Bison filet steak, which is sourced from Rhug Estate Farm, served with a Welsh Whisky sauce and fresh truffles from Tuscany that are shaved over fresh tagliatelle are sourced and used in dishes with Italian flair. 

Creating a night customers won’t forget is achieved by using a combination of experiences to make the evening special. Being warmly greeted on arrival, providing unobtrusive but attentive service, presenting food that is superbly prepared, presented with a flourish that stands out as special, and a well-chosen wine with each course (but of course, with no wine-snobbery or pretentious posturing). Guests are never rushed away, the table is theirs for the entire evening, so they can enjoy great company in comfortable seating, soft lighting and with the quiet murmur of music in the background. 

“At Môr, we focus on our guests - we are a fine dining establishment, but we try to create a relaxed, comfortable and intimate ambience and let the food and wine do the talking. We offer an evening’s escape from the hum drum and the stress of daily life and encourage guests to surrender to us and trust us to make their evening memorable. Many of our guests choose Môr Restaurant at Coes Faen Spa Lodge to celebrate a special occasion, and it’s our job to facilitate that and hopefully help our guests take away special memories.” - Richard Parry-Jones

Richard’s favourite dish: 

“I am at the moment very, very partial to the Aragosta all Linguine, made from fresh Lleyn lobsters. It’s actually a recipe that owes more to Sorrento than Tuscany, but the combination of rich, garlic infused tomato sauce and indulgent lobster with a hint of chilli s the perfect way to dress freshly-made linguine, and is one I discovered in a restaurant in Lerici, on the western Tuscan coastline.

You can find Môr Restaurant on the A496 in Barmouth inside Coes Faen Lodge, just a short distance from the town centre. We welcome bookings from parties over 18 to dine on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday (lunch service) and you can do so by calling us on 01341 281632 or contacting us via our website.

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