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Fine Wine

Fine Wine

Along with great food we have a passion for fine wine. Our wine is all sourced by wine experts and enthusiasts.

Experts in Wine

Our wines are curated from a mixture of our neighbouring producers in Chianti and Tuscany and we work closely with Dylan Rowlands at Gwin Dylanwad in Dolgellau and Julie Mills at Vinomondo in Conwy, both being local friends and independent, expert wine enthusiasts / merchants. Our emphasis is of course mainly on Italy, showcasing our preferences for matching the dishes, but we also have our favourite French and New Zealand whites to choose from. These include a Chardonnay made by friends in Beaujolais, and especially feature the best wine made in Wales -- an award-winning sparking Blanc de Noir from Monmouth!

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Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry 2014 | Bartolin Angelo Valdobbiadene | £22
Light, mineral, lemongrass and smoky yeast nose. Pleasant acidity, with a long, rich, beady finish


House Champagne NV | Reims | £39
A classic blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, with the grapes coming from top-rated Premier and Grand Cru vineyards. Classic toasty aromas and fresh, crisp citrus and apple flavours

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin NV | Reims | £70

Rich nectarine fruit character with lingering toasty vanilla notes – a reliable special treat.

Laurent Perrier Rose NV | Reims | £90

Benchmark for Rosé champagne with a highly expressive bouquet, from the very careful preservation of the grape's natural fresh red fruit aromas, and salmon pink colour which stems from the maceration techniques used. One of the rare Rosé champagnes using the maceration technique giving extraordinary depth and freshness.

Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut NV | Reims | £90

Powerful and elegantly dry with notes of biscuit, citrus, figs and spice. This is really a lovely effort with its lemon and white flower aromas that complement the solidly complex, crisp and very pure flavors that possess fine detail and excellent intensity on the yeasty and lingering finish. Though the effervescence is not ultra-fine, neither is it coarse

Speciality Vintage Champagne Selection

Bollinger Grande Anee Brut |  Vintage 2004 | £145

Bone dry with rich butter, caramel and toffee notes. This is cool, refined and wonderfully complex with a moderately aged yeasty character that contrasts nicely with the beautifully fresh citrus, green apple and soft floral scents. The bead of the supporting mousse is quite fine but it’s firm and imparts plenty of punch to the precise middle weight flavors that possess the same complexity and refinement that is displayed by the nose, all wrapped in a crisp and dry but not particularly austere finish.

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Brut |  Vintage 2004 | £225

Top class Champagne with a full and nutty nose, plenty of power and a vibrant lemon acidity. This has a lovely palate, lots of nuts and fresh cream with an orange peel edge. Very firm. Incredible length of finish - it goes on and on.

Italian White Wine

Albia Bianco Toscana IGT 2016 | Barone Ricasoli Chianti | Toscanna | £15
Pale straw in colour with greenish reflections. The wine has a fresh and balsamic aroma with marked scents of vanilla and intense fruit concentration of plums, pineapples and apricots.

Torricella IGT 2013/2014 | Barone Ricasoli Chianti Toscana | £18 

A lovely Chardonnay from Chianti. Pale straw in colour with greenish reflections, the wine has a fresh and balsamic aroma with marked scents of vanilla and intense fruit concentration of plums, pineapples and apricots.

Vernaccia di San Gimingiano Rondolino| Teruzzi & Puthod | Toscana | £23

Intensely complex, long lingering aromas of fruit and minerals. Assertive palate with good body and structural balance of freshness and persistence with a signature twist of almond at the finish. Made with 90% Vernaccia and 10% Chardonnay in stainless steel vats by a master of the genre. Good on its own and as an accompaniment to cheese, fish and meat. 

Soave Classico 2015 DOCG | Pieropan| Veneto | £24

Fresh, floral aromas with elderflower, lemon and cherry. The palate is dry, well balanced and elegant, with decent length and finesse. 

Orvieto Classico 2013 Santa Christina DOCG | Antinori | Umbria | £28

Elegant, slightly nutty dry white with a gentle hint of honey. Grape varieties used are those typical to the Orvieto Classico area predominantly the Grechetto. Drinks well with any dish that has a nut or mushroom component.

Vermentino de’ Barbi IGT 2013 | Fattoria dei Barbi | Toscana | £32

1005 Vermentino grape, Strong floral notes of wisteria and hawthorn, with citrus and apricot fragrances intersected with subtle mineral note> Good structure and fresh yet rounded taste. Pair with seafood, vegetarian ravioli, fish cooked without too many sauces, white meat, vegetables, salads. (Also perfect served as an aperitif!)

Vermentino 2013 | Poggiotondo | Toscana | £35

Pure Vermentino from the coast of Tuscany, grown within the smell of the sea by Alberto Antonini. He is a top winemaker, who consults for wineries throughout Italy, but he saves his finest work for his tiny Tuscan estate and this intensely flavoured Vermentino with creamy, apple fresh fruit and a touch of nutty complexity. Choose this to accompany any fish dish or salad

 Vermentino 2015 |  Antinori Bolgheri | Toscana | £40

Almost unknown in the UK, this is a finely made wine from Antinori’s 600 year old estate at Tenuta Guado al Tasso. Made from Italy’s native Vermentino grape variety, grown in the softness of the sea-perfumed breeze that caresses Bolgheri and its hills. It is soft and fragrant, intense and elegant, with lovely floral and citrus notes.

Soave Classico 2015 DOCG ‘La Rocca’ | Pieropan | Veneto | £49

Wow – a recent discovery and one of the best Italian whites around. The vineyard ‘La Rocca’ is situated on the Monte Rocchetta hill, just below the mediaeval castle in the town of Soave. The microclimate in this vineyard produces wines with a unique perfume and distinctive taste. The grapes are picked when very ripe, often as late as the end of October, giving tremendous complexity and aromatic qualities to the wine, reminiscent of exotic fruit and nuts on the nose; soft and persistent on the palate, with hints of spice. It is the perfect partner for our fresh scallops, crab and mackerel, but also good with mushroom and squash-flavoured dishes.

French Whites

Beaujolais Blanc 2013 | Domaine de la Chapelle de Vatre | Beaujolais | £19

Made from the Chardonnay grape, a noble grape variety producing delicate and subtle flavours, pale straw colour with almond and grapefruit aromas

Sancerre 2014|  Domaine Crochet | Loire | £36 

Classic Sauvignon Blanc with an intense nose of elderflower and grassy notes, and a palate full of gooseberry and citrus. Dry with crisp acidity, very refreshing taste. Ideal with Brill or Turbot

Sancerre Silex 2014 | Philippe Girard Loire | £45 

Stunning limited edition Sancerre made from grapes grown on Silex soil from a small area of Sancerre. Tastes exactly how good Sancerre should, serious flinty fruit backed up by perfect acidity but all completely in harmony.

New Zealand Whites

Chardonnay 2013 | Riverby Estate | Marlborough | £28

A wine with a pale golden hue, on the nose the wine is a rich and ripe style of Chardonnay. Lots of peach, pineapple and butter. The palate is smooth and well balanced with tropical fruit notes and a creamy, buttery finish.

Sauvignon Blanc 2014 | Greywacke | Marlborough | £35

Soft, weighty and accessible Sauvignon Blanc with hints of leaf, mineral and bright tree fruit flavours. The palate is crisp but remarkably mouth-­filling, a small portion of the wine having been oak fermented. Exquisitely balanced wine with a lengthy finish. Recommended to complement our fresh sea bass dish.

Sauvignon Blanc 2015 | Cloudy Bay | Marlborough | £42

New Zealand's flagship winery was founded by West Australian David Hohnen of Cape Mentelle in Margaret River. Since launching his show stopping Cloudy Bay 30 years ago, he's had wine  drinkers in awe of its world class quality. It is impressively fresh and intense, and with a portion of barrel fermented wine adding extra depth and complexity, it has an understated brilliance that sets it apart. Right at home with fine dining, the wine goes beautifully with shellfish, 
cream sauces, tomato based dishes and roasted vegetables. 

Wild Sauvignon Blanc 2013 | Greywacke| Marlborough | £48 

A very special Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, slow fermented by Kevin Judd with indigenous wild yeasts in old French oak barriques to give a unique and rewarding experience. Creamy, with almost Fino-­like flavours, it’s such an interesting wine, there is a herbal quality, but also a sense of spice, the faintest waft of coriander seeds cracking in a pan, saffron, lemongrass, white blossom, grapefruit and fennel, and that incredibly subtle, barely-­there oak, round out this very savoury wine. The 2013 vintage is the standout from recent years – even the normally taciturn Judd agrees -­-­ “2013 was a really good vintage,” says Judd.



Primavera 2016 | Poggio al Sole | Toscana | £16

Produced by a true enthusiast and not available in the UK, we buy this directly from the vineyard where it is made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, left for only a few hours with the red skins to produce the light pink colour. It is very refreshing with a fresh fruit taste Perfect as an aperitif and ideal to accompany chicken or salmon.

Albia Rosé Toscana IGT 2013 | Barone Ricasoli Chianti | Toscana | £20
Pale pink and elegant. Delicate, sweet and varietal aromas, the taste is fresh and light with good minerality.


House Zindfandel Waitrose Own Label | Napa Valley | £13
Soft and honeyed in the sweeter style with bright strawberry and a little spicy ginger —easy drinking well-chilled on a summer evening


Valpolicella Ripasso DOCG 2008 Provolo, Campotorbian Veneto
Intense and complex, due to the added pressings from semi-dried grapes. Cherries combine with aromatic herbs, spice and cocoa with a long dry finish. A good foil for deeper flavour dishes.

Chianti Classico 2012 Brolio Barone Ricasoli Toscana
Bright and lively ruby. Enfolding and sweet aromas of cherry, morello cherry, violet and strawberry harmoniously blend with hints of tobacco, vanilla, white chocolate and Mediterranean spices. Ripe red fruit and the spices join in a long embrace of finely toasted notes. Excellent with mushrooms or lighter meat dishes.

Langhe Nebbiolo DOCG 2013 GD Vajra Piemonte
Fragrant raspberry-scented, and well balanced with lovely fresh crunchy fruit, the result of a late harvest and beautiful late autumn weather which suits the grape so well.

Chianti Classico Riserva 2011 Rocca Guicciarda, Brolio Toscana
Brilliant ruby red. Sangiovese aromas predominate on the nose with scents of red fruit and sweet violets, highlighted by delicate toasted hints. Fresh fragrant and savoury attack, fine structure with persistent finish, recalling cinnamon and jam. Lovely with poultry and red meat, perfect with cheese or meat sauced pasta dishes.

Barbera d’Alba DOCG 2012 GD Vajra Piemonte
A Barolo region wine made with the native Nebbiolo grape, violet red in colour with a powerful and complex nose, almonds and cherries with spices. Full and elegant on the palate with dark fruit and good minerality. Excellent with beef and game

Il Pino di Biserno 2009 Bibbona Maremma, Toscana
Deep plum velvet, Il Pino di Biserno offers warm, pepper-spiced dark fruit on the nose. Fresh, relaxed and classical in style, it is supported by earthy tannins. Ideal for our red meat and game dishes.

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2012 Corte Giara, Allegrini Veneto
Intense and inviting ruby red in colour, this expertly made wine has particularly enjoyable characteristic hints of cherries and pepper, followed by subtle nuances of officinal herbs. Dry and well-balanced, where the traditional acidic note combines well with the softness of the fruit to form a satisfying contrast and produce a supple, feisty wine. Outstanding with our Venison main course and pairs well with Ragu

Albe Barolo DOCG 2010 GD Vajra Piemonte
Intense floral scents of freshly cut roses and wild violets jump out of the glass. On the palate, dark cherry and crushed cherry twine with allspice, cinnamon, clove, leather and alpine herbs. All are partnered by assertive but supple tannins and fresh acidity. Perfect for pairing with our Welsh beef steaks.

Sweet wines

Recioto della Valpolicella Classico DOC 2008 Giovanni Allegrini Veneto, 500cl
Intense and complex, due to the added pressings from semi-dried grapes. Cherries combine with aromatic herbs, spice and cocoa with a long dry finish

Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 1985 Fattoria di Montigliari Toscana, 500cl
Intense and complex, due to the added pressings from semi-dried grapes. Cherries combine with aromatic herbs, spice and cocoa with a long dry finish

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