Coes Faen Spa Lodge

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The Team

The team at Coes Faen Lodge is led by owners Richard and Sara, who are hands-on enthusiasts. We are blessed with outstanding people who work hard to make our guests' experiences with us welcoming, relaxing and pleasantly memorable.

The business is owned and led by the husband and wife team of Sara and Richard. Their love of the locality and enjoyment of high standards excellence in design, food and drink and intelligent use of materials and technology to improve the sustainability of the business permeates the Lodge in visible and unseen ways.

They are supported by a small team of people who also love what they do:

General Manager --Georgia Wild

Head Chef -- Wayne Scarlet

Building Supervisor -- Jeff Svensen

Housekeeping -- Susan Parker

Waiting and General Assistant -- Sasha Thomas

Join Our Team
Job opportunities are advertised with the Job Centre and with Indeed. Training, internships and placement opportunities are sometimes available, please call 01341 281632.


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