Coes Faen Spa Lodge

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We have tried to create a very special place to stay, one that embraces its locality and history, yet provides a boldly contemporary interpretation. We have really embraced the use of local stone, combined with lots of glass to fill the building with light. Stone and oak floors have been used to showcase the best features of the historic building, and provide a restful haven in which to relax, enjoy the Spa features, and the fine food and wine.

We thought long and hard about how to provide a Spa experience on such a small, intimate and private scale, and concluded the answer was to disaggregate the range of Spa features one would normally find in a Spa centre and distribute them among the private bathrooms for the exclusive use of the room guests. Each is equipped with the highest quality fittings and finished in natural sophisticated materials.

Technology plays its unobtrusive part, with high levels of invisible connectivity, computer-controlled low energy lighting systems, and a Linn music system.


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